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October 3rd, 2010, 10:19 AM
WOw iiam the first one and I am on the west coast. Got up TOO early. Miss my hubby! Thought it was later than it is...hmmm got to go back up stair and check that clock. NOTE TO SELF. Make fresh coffee. Reheating yesterdays coffee to safe time is not worth it:icon_bah:
Quiet Sunday planned. Fresh coffee, light house keeping, Church, lunch, nap and some sewing.

Have a great day everyone!

October 3rd, 2010, 10:28 AM

Good Sunday morning, ladies

Snuggled real good under the quilties last evening and slept like a dream. Welll, in fact had some odd little dreams with friends I haven't seen in many years due to our mobile society. Told hubs that it was like having a reunion or homecoming.

More clean up in the basement today; some things I still need hubby's help with. Most of my scraps in the cardboard boxes were inside plastic bags. I must've had a brilliant moment with that - surprised even myself. But there are a few that will need to be washed, dried and pressed.

We found what we think to be one source of the water problem. While cleaning and working outside yesterday late afternoon, right where the downspout of the gutters are, underneath the small slap, well, we found a hole. Looks like something burrowed under there so we are attempted to fill that in and block it off from future varmints.

Hope everyone enjoys this day; off to make a late breakfast and if I can move quick enough, go to church. Then to the folks and then to clean more. It's so pretty today I may have to sit and enjoy the loveliness of it all. I can always clean . . . my house is quite patient.

October 3rd, 2010, 10:36 AM
Blonde..talk about dreams. Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with my Dad. It was so clear and real! He has been gone over 20 years now. I miss him so much!

October 3rd, 2010, 10:50 AM
Morning all

Nice quiet morning here and on the chilly side. It's 49 degrees outside. That's winter temperatures for us in Texas. :lol:

I hope that since Laura wasn't on here first that she is getting some much needed sleep.

Have a great day! I have to get some sewing done today, I'm behind on my blocks. UGH

October 3rd, 2010, 11:04 AM
Good Morning all :) spent the last couple of days at a fun, wonderful, idea filled CRAFT FAIR!! whoooooHoooooo :icon_woohoo: so many incredible ideas and crafts and food and fun!

Right now headed to church to worship and praise and give thanks to God for His many blessings. Have all of you in my prayers :icon_bigsmile:

October 3rd, 2010, 12:16 PM
Morning all!
Sally you were up soooo early!!
Blondie, love the sunshine! One of my quilt ideas is to make one with all different suns like on CBS Sunday Morning show.
I love when I dream about my Mom or Dad. They have been gone a long time but I always feel like happy I got to "see" them again!
Craft Fair sounds like fun! Love to see what other people are making!
I am trying to make pork carnitas like my boyfriend had when he was younger but after a night in the crockpot they are to liquid. I now have them in the oven baking to dry them out alittle. I love to cook!
Got 5 stars done last night! Did a whole chain wrong and spent some time with the seam ripper....arrggghhh!
Watched Jenny tuts while I undid it all!
Gotta go....bacon frying!

October 3rd, 2010, 12:54 PM
Yeah!!! :D:lol: Nice job Sally,,,I'm so glad you started the thread. Enjoy your quiet day :)
I so missed you girls yesterday but had a wonderful day with my sister ...She took me to a sonker festival ..and we made the front page of the local paper LOL . It was also her 42nd wedding anniversary so we spent the day with them ...ohh mercy it was so fun. I have also been getting sleep....jumps up and down and swings arms around laughing....go me!!! Rodney and I have decided its all his fault I can't sleep....lol!! well...He snores!!!!!!! and its so bad the puppy even puts her little paws over her ears LOL....so I have been going to sleep before him....he's banned to the computer lol until im sound asleep and its working LOL...I don't know if its the sleep or the new meds but I am just happy today ...Thank you Jesus for making it possible.
Blondie...I agree enjoy the beautifulness of this day ...we are so proud of you for handling the basement like a trooper ...Things like that have a way of exploding and making us miserable :)
...49 degrees in Texas ...must be a nice break I hope you get all your sewing done.
Pdjewlerylady....I love craft fairs...saw some incredible quilts at sonker festival so I can appreciate your enthusiasm...
Patticakes I hope your dinner comes out great ...I am so glad alot of us love to cook and sew and chat....You all have become such a big part of my life ...TYTYTY .
Oh by the way I found a wonderful link http://www.freequiltpatterns.info/second.htm I have so enjoyed looking and downloading patterns today with my coffee...ahhh the life.
Well I'm off to kiss Rodney ...write to Jan and Thank God for such a beautiful day...great friendships and for letting me live next door to the best sister ever :)
hugs and love everyone ...

October 3rd, 2010, 01:22 PM
Does my heart good to see Laura so upbeat and rested. Thank you God for the blessings of this day and all other days as well.
Well, I laid out my charm pack quilt so now I start sewing in two's then blocks of four. Got to nest them seams right so the points match up . That's what I'll be doing today.
Hopefully I'll do a good job and make Jenny proud. I'm using her tutorial to go by. Can't wait to see how it makes up.
I'll be around now and then all day. Love & hugs to all, Jan

October 3rd, 2010, 02:15 PM
Hello on this cool Sunday. Gotta go to the grocery store have put it off long enough. Out of everything.LOL So good to hear Laura had a good night's sleep. Blondie keep up the good work on the clean up. Sorry you have to do it but glad you can save all those goodies. Patti hope your cooking doesn't dry out to much or be overcooked. Suzi wish I could've gone to the fair with you. Sounds like so much fun. Love looking at others ideas. Girls remember Suzi said do two at a time and you will not have as many problems. But what do I know. I tried to do several at a time too. And had trouble. Just do two at a time and they will be pretty. Saundra

October 3rd, 2010, 04:57 PM
Home again - b e a u t i f u l florida fall kinda day - 80 and breezy. going to pack a late lunch and head over to the coast to watch the sunset........ i think my husband is feeling romantic for some reason - - hummmmmm- -maybe he got me a little present at the fair! a girl can hope, can't she!?!?

October 3rd, 2010, 08:36 PM
Sounds fun in the florida sun....
I am going to be lazy...curl up in bed with some quilting and drift off peaceful again ...fingers cross..
today has been a gift I have felt good all day and not going to over do...
Big hugs and love to everyone on a chilly sunday night :)

NM Lady
October 3rd, 2010, 10:52 PM
Good evening. We finally made it home from one of the last motorcycle rallys of the year (I think). I told my husband, we need to slow down on the weekends as I still have star blocks to make. For some reason, he just isn't as concerned as I am.:D

The weather has been beautiful. It should be time for some fall colors towards the end of the month and the start of November. That means, it will be time to start thinking about a fall color hike somewhere.

My prayer for each of you us that you have a blessed day and week.