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October 10th, 2012, 01:59 PM
Ok so I have a 45 and 60mm fiskars cutters only had them a week..blades are already chipped...Is their a brand better than this or am I doing something wrong causing the damage so quickly? Feed back would be very helpful

October 10th, 2012, 02:12 PM
Feel the edge of your ruler...I am willing to bet you are shaving your ruler...I did for years...tried a different brand of rotary cutter and quilt shaving rulers....I use a plain olfa and it made a big difference for me.....now my blades last for months instead of a couple of days!

October 10th, 2012, 02:25 PM
You need to make sure that you are holding your cutter at 90 degrees to your ruler, otherwise you're cutting into your ruler/acrylic dulling your blade. Also don't drop your cutter, chips your blade.

Six layers of fabric is really the most you should cut at a time. IMHO I've used Fiskar for over 15 years in sewing then also for quilting. When they are too dull for fabric cutting, I use a Sharpie and put several Ps on each side and use them for paper cutting.

I buy 5 45mm blades on Amazon for $13/$15 free shipping when I spend $25.


October 10th, 2012, 02:30 PM
I haven't tried cutting more than two layers. I will try some more..I did buy a spare blade

October 10th, 2012, 02:32 PM
Maybe the table is to high..using my kitchen counter right now

October 10th, 2012, 02:59 PM
Maybe the table is to high..using my kitchen counter right now

Depends on how tall you are. Your shoulder shouldn't be up in your ear when you're trying to cut. lol

You need to be able to see your ruler, mat measurements clearly, able to reach across the width of the fabric easily without over stretching with the cutter in your hand.

You want to make sure you have firm pressure on your ruler (fingers away from the edge), your cutter against the ruler, straigth up/90 degrees, firm pressure - but not digging into the mat.

As a newby I would suggest doing your cutting standing at dining table height at first, just easier to see everything. :)

October 10th, 2012, 03:10 PM
LOL and of course my dining table is a high one...when my nephew moves out Nov 1st I am turning his old room into a guest slash craft room...I think I see a new tably/dresser in my future...