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October 8th, 2012, 08:30 AM

Monday is here! Oh yeah! I was MIA yesterday because I had no internet or phone service thanks very much to a thunder boomer Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday. We had a quiet day when we weren't running up and down the road trying to see if the cable truck was anywhere near us. We gave up our cell phones last year, so we had a nice quiet day. Hubs was thankful we have DISH, so he could watch his football games.

I got to sew, another personal yay, and finished up an adult size lap quilt for the circle of comfort. I need to take a pic later if the sun decides to shine today. My house is fairly dark due to the trees around us, that even with a flash the pics are never super clear and true.

Okay, I need to get caught up here once again, check pinterest, and sew some more lemoyne stars (my latest infatuation)

Later kiddos!

October 8th, 2012, 08:39 AM
Morning!! Guess having the internet go out is OK as long as the electric is on so you can sew!! Quiet, out of touch days are good things.
I have to work today, but it's my Friday...of course, it's the third day of a three day holiday weekend, and I REALLY hope that people who DO have the day off use it wisely, and don't behave like buttheads if they come shopping....(sorry, but I have really gotten to feel that people who get 3 days off don't deserve them because they come out acting like their time is far more impt than anyone elses...)

On a fabulous note, I get my full timer back!!! I am so excited, she is fully trained (by me, years back) and we are going to rock this holiday season!!!

And, when I come home tonight, I am going to finish making my challenge block for my quilt group...the test block, to decide if I like it...if so, I need to make a dozen...

Have a great day!

October 8th, 2012, 08:39 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

DH is off on vacation all this week and I want to know when the 'vacation' is going to start and the working end! Molly is confused about why her Daddy isn't getting ready for work....she even dragged one of his work boots to him trying to help him out.

I had a fairly busy weekend, but not in the sewing room. We partially cleaned out the garage at our old house and got a huge load put together for the trash man to pick up tomorrow. This is an ongoing project but I'm beginning to feel hopeful we will get it done before real winter sets in.

I would like to make a couple more heart blocks for Ruby for Luke's quilt and then get them in the mail tomorrow.

I have to run for now and cook breakfast....will check in later. Hugs, Barb

October 8th, 2012, 08:54 AM
Thanks for the reminder Barb about the heart blocks. I kept wanting to get online just to check the block size yesterday so now I can actually get those going. We also did some clean up outside yesterday in between the rain. I love fall but that is when you really see what is all over the place besides the leaves. Sigh.

October 8th, 2012, 09:10 AM
Morning gals, I also have the day off, but then I'm retired so I have every day off, without pay I may add. Having the The Grannys (3 of my cousins) over for lunch today, we'll be 5 today as my sister Carol (a Granny wannabe) will be joining us. After lunch we'll do a little shopping at the Dollar Store, which they love, and then back here for tea and dessert. Better get the rice pudding started ASAP. It's a special treat for my cousin Ann who will be 79 next week. It's the same recipe her mother used to make when we were kids.

Cold this morning, 41! No rain in sight but we did welcome it the past week because this year we finally reseeded the lawn's bare patches before the rainy days began. Outside of the house is looking pretty good and so is the inside due to company coming today. Even have some Fall decorations spread around and my leaf quilt on a chair in the living room. With the house and grounds ship shape I can spend most of the week quilting.

Those who have Columbus Day off, enjoy it. May in Jersey

October 8th, 2012, 09:45 AM
Good Morning! 29491 Yup... it's cold! Only about 38*F outside. This front room is a bit on the chilly side but it is suppose to warm up nicely today so decided to just put on some warm clothes rather than start a fire in the wood-stove. I did turn the furnace on in the main part of the house to take the chill off. It would have been a great morning to stay snuggled under the covers but..as we say...dogs got to do as dogs got to do-do!
Sure missed all the post this weekend while DH was away with the computer. I hope to get caught up on all I missed. I did get a lot done around here though. The dogs and I went outside and gathered a lot of little twigs and branches for the kindling box. I would put something in the box and TarButt would take it out and run!!!!! :( I did some cleaning too. I let the 3 kittens in to warm up and Vurlow decided to use a pair of my sweats as a litter box :( Did not make me a happy camper! So I will fix them up a box with a blanket outside and they can snuggle up together and keep warm.
I am almost finished with the FMQing on the yellow child's quilt. Then I just have to bind it. It is going okay. I am not that good at FMQing yet but it is looking okay. I will take pictures and get them posted as soon as I have them done.
DH did not have a good gun show again this weekend so we are really getting light in the wallet. I won't be buying any new material or batting in the near future that's for sure. And my washing machine decided to quit doing the spin cycle so I am now back to using the old wringer washer and freezing my hands off this winter since as I have said before my washing station is an outdoor pavillion. Wonderful Wonderful!!!

Have a great day
Hugs and prayers to all.

Sandy Navas
October 8th, 2012, 10:01 AM
First, is this the pattern you use for the LeMoyne Stars, Blondie? http://www.lindafranz.com/blog/how-to-sew-a-lemoyne-star-quilt-block/
Now if those all came precut I'd be a truly happy camper.

Trish, fill me in again on what you do when you HAVE to 'work'. Good that you are getting some help, no matter what you are doing.

May, I'm like you . . . work every day for no more pay. Love being retired and 'doing my own thing' although I don't truly get to do what I would love to do. I wish there are 48 hours in a day and I only needed 4 hours sleep. Cold here, too. 32 when I got up . . . Al snuggles up in his heating blanket, pjs and his snuggly hat . . . and I spent the night on top of the covers roasting! Go figure. I remember when we were first married and I was always cold and he was so hot all the time that I couldn't get near him without getting blisters . . .

I feel like I am falling behind on my sewing projects and really need to pull a Bubby and get some blocks done today, but laundry awaits, although I did get the master bath and bedroom sparkling yesterday. Ran out of steam about 4 p.m. so the living room needs a good wipe down and the kitchen calls me.

Donna, there are parts of your life that I envy in so many ways - stuck on a mountain top with peace and quiet most of the time, not a whole lot of space for dust to settle, but being forced to put my hands in icy water to do the laundry isn't one of them. I'm hoping that your DH has a very successful show very, very, very soon. After all, if he doesn't you may just have to sell the old mule. Hugs, my dear friend.

Gonna try to get an early move on it today, so here's all the usual best wishes, all that stuff.

October 8th, 2012, 10:43 AM
'sell the old mule' - haha Sandy. I've thought of that myself! And thanks for the reminder - need to do 2 bathrooms here today.

The plan for today here since I am off work is to clean bathrooms, wash and hang all my sweaters and cardigans, write the months bills, grab DH for an hour to put the quilt frame together, and work on some backgrounds for my newest Cathedral Windows quilt. It all sounds doable.

Hope you all have a grand day! Prayers for those needing them.


Claire Hallman
October 8th, 2012, 11:57 AM
That inklingo looks intriguing, has anyone tried it?
I took a class yesterday from Linda Moore a quilter from Alaska, what was she doing in Alabama you ask? She has roots here so comes about once a year. W made a fun top in just a few hours, so nice to spend time with others with like minds. I need to put some borders on it today and then put it in the UFO pile until I find out if my friend's expected great grand is a boy or girl. If a girl, her quilt is partly made.:D
My week will be busy since we are going to the No Georgia mountains for the weekend with some friends. Apple and Sorghum festivals are both going on and we have rented a log cabin for Thur through Sun. I am excited since I will for sure make a stop in a cute quilt shop in Blue Ridge Ga. I need to get some bathrooms cleaned and the house dusted before Thursday, shouldn't be a problem since I am retired, too, and loving it.

October 8th, 2012, 12:10 PM
I work today and didn't even realize it was a holiday.....shows that I have been hiding in the sewing room....haven't turned on the tv or the radio in quite awhile...I have Sassi and Dakota for entertainment....those two will keep you in stitches, until your sides hurt...Dakota (parrot) now imitates the dogs' bark and yip and will aggravate the dog so I will yell at the dog to hush and then starts all over again...didn't realize what was going on until I sat in there last week with tv. on finishing the binding on a quilt....I have a zoo going on with just two pets....made 3 boxed pouches yesterday and 2 more circle of comfort blocks....finally found the stitch I like the best for these...and on which machine! Will try to make some more tonight or tomorrow...have to get back to work on the patriotic lap quilts...one down and 14 to go....they go pretty quick though so we will see where I am at by weeks end! Hope everyone has a great day....prayers and hugs for those who need them......Smile!!!!

Jean Sewing Machine
October 8th, 2012, 12:15 PM
Morning everybody, it is still morning, isn't it? I graded 15 essays for my colleague (she graded mine so it is a fair trade), and talked to my theatre buddies about our dilemma. Our director walked out on us yesterday, threatening lawsuits if we "stole" any of his ideas for the show. This would mean my work of the past 5 weeks would have to be scrapped. I think cooler heads have prevailed and with 2-1/2 weeks to go to the show's opening, we don't have the time or money to retrace our steps to start over. Made a couple of calls and emails to members of the production team to get going again, but it is very scary, and I can't wait til it is over. Hooray for Oct. 28, 2 months out of my life trashed by this show, hopefully it won't turn out to be a disaster, but right now, we are all just picking up many pieces and trying to put them back together again.

October 8th, 2012, 12:19 PM
Ah monday sounds as if everyone is busy and have great plans going on. It is back to work for me today. I am so looking forward to the day I can retire althought I do not see it anywhere in my future. I have the feeling I will be that little old lady working until the day I die. I do know thought that I am tired of six days a week something is going to have to give very soon. Our little Max is doing much better today still have to keep an eye on him for a few more days and keep him on his diet of rice and chicken. But that should not be a problem. Just need to make sure either Wayne or Sue gets his midday pill into him. But he is very easy to pill. Did not get anything done in my sewing room this weekend. Hopefuly will be able to get in there for a little bit in the evenings. But I quess that to will depend on how Waynes chemo goes this morning.

Have a great day my friends love and prayers going out to all.

October 8th, 2012, 01:35 PM

Been a nice day so far....no mail - so I can get caught up on some of my work that's waiting.

I think tonight I might go on a cleaning spree in my sewing room....actually I need to, so I can find stuff. I have a few projects I need to finish up too.

I was getting ready for work this morning and looked at DH and said "did we forget our anniversary, yesterday?" I can't believe we both forgot it. Oh well....with everything that went on in the past couple of weeks, I'm not surprised we forgot it.

Donna - I can remember when mom used a wringer washer and she would not let us touch it because she was afraid we'd get hurt. I never did learn to use one. I did, however, learn to hang the wash on the line....I don't think she was too concerned that we'd hurt ourselves with clothespins.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Prayers and hugs to all.

October 8th, 2012, 02:59 PM
Good Morning ..Not much going on here as its my last day of vacation..hoping the mailman has some fabric for me today..lol...can wait to try something new..lol well its all new but want to try the 9 patch block for the irish chain quilt...I am thinking all shades of green since I am an irish girl..lol...Fell in love with fabric at the quilt shop i found but did not buy any yet...back to the grind tomorrow..uniform is ready so 6 day work week here I come...

October 8th, 2012, 06:51 PM
Good Morning ..Not much going on here as its my last day of vacation..hoping the mailman has some fabric for me today..lol...can wait to try something new..lol well its all new but want to try the 9 patch block for the irish chain quilt...I am thinking all shades of green since I am an irish girl..lol...Fell in love with fabric at the quilt shop i found but did not buy any yet...back to the grind tomorrow..uniform is ready so 6 day work week here I come...

Shannon, you and me, both of us! No mail today!!!
I went to the post office with a package to mail to the UK - NOT!!!

Ginny B
October 8th, 2012, 11:31 PM
Glad you've got your internet back Blondie. It's good to be disconnected for a while though, don't you think? Of course, not too long. LOL

It was a rainy day here yesterday and DH helped me to rearrange my "studio" (including moving a large old piece of furniture out of there and downstairs). I moved my sewing table to the middle of the room where I could back it up to a bank of white craft cubbies so that I can have space behind the machine for the quilts as I sew. When I first set the room up I was more into my scrapbooking and cardmaking and less into sewing. It has now changed so I needed to change the areas designated for sewing/scrapping. I am going to move a white kitchen cabinet upstairs when the kitchen work starts next week so I needed to get the room ready. The cabinet has some open shelves, 3 drawers and 2 shelf areas with doors on it. I will be able to get my scrapping stuff in there and keep my sizzix machines up on top of it so I can get to it if I need to use it to cut out shapes for my quilts too. It looks pretty neat right now (except for the pile of scrapping stuff waiting for the cabinet) and I should go take some pictures and post before I get in there and mess it up with actual fabric. I still don't have room for my cutting table to be in there but it's only a few steps away in the extra bedroom next door.

Have a good nights rest everyone.

Ginny B