View Full Version : Sunday is a day of rest, is it not?

August 12th, 2012, 09:22 AM
Isn't that what the good Lord intended? So we all rest and take it easy on a Sunday?

Well, I plum tuckered the girls out yesterday. After work, I took the girls to town to the splash pad. There was only one little boy there with his grandma. The kids had fun. Maizyn is not sure about being under all this water. Then I took Sadie for a swim in my SIL's pool. MIL lives behind the house on the other street. Went there for a little visit. Visited SIL for a few minutes. If the weather is nice, I will tak e Sadie back for more swimming. Got home, got ready and out we went again. To friends for supper. The girls were so good. Sadie was feeding the chipmunks and the birds some seeds and she fished for a little bit. We were back home by 9. I had no trouble putting the girls to bed. They are both still sleeping.

DIL says the Maizyn has hit the terrible twos. I think the only problem is that she doesn't take her outside. They spend all day in the house. Maizyn loves to be outside. She has no room to run. She has not been a problem with us at all. I try to tell Jodi she should take Maizyn out more. Jodi herself doesn't like the heat much and her excuse is that Maizyn has asthma. She did have it when she was 6 months old, but it is certainly not bad now. Oh well, I will continue taking her outside.

Today is the baby shower that I was supposed to give the DP9 quilt for, but I never did get it finished. I think the couple may be home for a little visit and I can get it finished before they go. Baby isn't due until October I think.

I think I hear baby. Have a great Sunday everyone.

August 12th, 2012, 10:00 AM
Rest is right up there near the top of my list for today, right under Church. DH and I did the all-day grandparenting thing yesterday with Will and Jon and there's nothing better than seeing their parents' car pull into the driveway, love them though we do. We are too old to keep up with those two bundles of energy. If we could harness it we could light the whole northeast. So, I will do some quilting today and Jonas will work on some of his recent photos and do a little writing and we will play Scrabble together. I am looking forward to a fun and restful day of peace.

Whatever you all get to do today, I hope that you get to do it with peace in your hearts. This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Sandy Navas
August 12th, 2012, 10:18 AM
Sunday is a wonderful day - no matter what you do. Got up WAY too early this morning. The sun is trying to break through the cloud cover, the clouds are trying to determine if they have enough water to dump on us . . . the sidewalks and deck are damp at best . . . Rain, Dear Lord, Rain, Please.

Today I am going to try to make all the bedding for the trundle bed that Papa just finished for the girls AG dolls. I had such mixed fabric choices from the recipients and I don't know whether to go with it or do it like I think it should be . . . one of them wants this black fabric with six or seven inch owls on it - totally out of proportion to the bed. But, you should give the kids what they want or else not ask for their choices, right? I used to have a sign that said "Don't ask a kid what they want for dinner unless they are buying." That should apply to other things as well.

So, here I go - off to the sewing room. Hope my stamina holds up. It feels so great to walk in and see that my week of cleaning and restructuring paid off big time.

Looking so forward to this coming week as the girls are having art lessons - drawing versus sketching, learning about the old masters, water colors, acrylics, charcoal, and pastels. Hopefully they will take a lot away with them. Until then:

May this be a great day of renewal and relaxation for everyone. May those with issues be healed, those who suffer be calmed, those who need a shoulder find one near - lean on Him.

August 12th, 2012, 10:52 AM
Thank You Sandy for the beutiful blessing.I am feeling very blessed...my heart palups are finally under control! Doc put me on a beta blocker and shazam...i feel curded.My DD who is 9 , noticed and Said," Mom you have had a Sonic rush..!" with glee and a smiled...Far out is all i can say... feeling the best in what seems like a very long time...i want to thank you gals for all your support through it all....

yep Mona, tis best to get the child outside they need the vitamin D, from the sun.. to help them grow big strong and smart.. interacting with other kids for social skills. is so important.

my day will consist of laundry! yeah....two or three loads for me day of rest?... does fall on my Sunday...i promice to think of god. and his glory... but inside my head for today...while i lug baskets dow 2 flights of stairs...up and down the stairs.. caring the dirty and then the clean... then the put away...

school starts soon. and i am looking forward to it... mornings and afternoons to myself... qanyone else looking forward to it..???

Jean Sewing Machine
August 12th, 2012, 11:01 AM
Hi-it's a day of rest, but I will spend it quilting. Put a jelly roll race quilt made out of some very inexpensive jelly roll strips on the quilt machine, and I'm spending the day quilting it. Practicing, really, that's what I'm doing. I just used a cheap muslin for the backing, and using multicolored threads on the top. Practicing my leaves and twigs and swirls. The swirls are turning out OK, the leaves are good, but the twigs--whoa--need more practice following and retracing lines, they are sort of messy.

Last day of summer vacation for me, so it's back to the grind tomorrow. Boo hoo!

August 12th, 2012, 12:58 PM
My day will be a day of rest, not by my choice this head cold is really doing a number on me. But I am thankful it is just a head cold and nothing more. There are so many suffering that this is just a walk in the park compared to some. Hope everyone has a great day I am off to find some more fluids.

August 12th, 2012, 01:34 PM
I am off to work today....long day but I get through it with a smile.....laugh as often as I can...it helps everyone! Doing one load of laundry...bed's made and I am dresses..sitting on the computer when I should be cleaning up my sewing room and cutting out projects for recovery time....will only be able to sit and sew and not much else....will have a weight limit of about a gallon of milk or so....it is coming up fast! Try to spend time with God everyday!

August 12th, 2012, 01:38 PM
Baby shower this afternoon, then hopefully getting a top done. I spent a month resting and now it is time to get busy again. Did 2 doll quilts yesterday, for the 2 girls that helped me out with the 2 little ones the other day. (kept them occupied). The weather is finally tolerable. Can actually be outside, without sweltering. Well time to get busy. Hugs and blessings for all, and prayers for those in need.

August 12th, 2012, 02:16 PM
Morning all,

Woke up at 2:30 - listened to the upstairs neighbor shower, get ready for work, finally fell asleep and woke up at 6:15. Latest since coming home. :)

Happy Sunday to all, glad folks are starting to feel better, others with summer colds...hate those...hope you get better soon!

After my two cups of Joe, I'll be sewing, so happy to be getting back into the groove again. After not sewing on Isodore for four months I had to get the manual out yesterday to get figure out the basic automatic setups, threading, etc. on this computerized beauty. I only got her this year, it was like getting a new toy again. lol What a difference from sewing New York Sue's block, Rhonda's block and Oliver's quilt on Kat's little non-computerized Viking Lena in Burbank. Ahhhh, it's a joy again. :D

Got a list of things to accomplish today as things have to get in the mail for Birtdaydays, 13th, 18th, 19th - to think we already had our run in the first week of August. We have our 32nd Anni on the 30th - Don wanted to spend a few days on the other side of the Island but even with the "local resident" discount we're still in high season and it seems silly since we're still looking at a body of ocean that we can see from our place. Now it's my responsibility to come up with something "special" to do. :icon_umpf: Sandy! Something that doesn't involve sex! lol

Prayers for all, huggers for all, enjoy the day! Ruby

August 12th, 2012, 02:25 PM

Hello Folksies!
I've always been told better late than never. We had a very brief shower last evening but lots of lightning so we lost all cable, dish, etc until just a bit ago. The power was on, so I don't know what was up with the servers/providers. I was hoping to watch a show last night (Judge Jeanine) but all my stuff was down. Sigh.

Sounds like everyone is having the same kind of relaxing lazy day as we are enjoying. Off to see what's shaking on other posts.

Keep Smiling

August 12th, 2012, 02:48 PM
We got nice, steady, slow showers off and on all night.....not much in total, but some moisture! We had a huge fire, looked like a field fire, late in the night....not on our property, but close. Praises to the local fire department that it didn't spread! I finally got all the Dresden plates appliqued, center circles made and on....so today will be appliqueing those in place..then off to the sashings. This has been a huge project, but fun and so far rewarding. My middle child is heading back to college in 10 days, so extra time with her this week.....then back to school sessions for us. Summer was productive, just never long enough! Prayers for all in need and hugs for everyone else!

Granny Judy
August 12th, 2012, 02:52 PM
Not doin' much today as the week is gonna be filled with guys coming Tues & Wednes to Insulate this "breezey house". Every year I put plastic over the windows, seals around the doors, and have made dozens of draft dodgers for under the doors.. This will all be addressed and hopefully fixed this coming week.

I did cut out the fabric for the Motorcycle quilt for SnIL.. He is actively participating in the process. Bought the fabric he liked. Picked the block layout. I just can't convince him to do any sewing, tho. (He is off work with an injured Knee that is due to have surgery once the Workman's Comp OK's everything) But he is doing the kitchen clean up so I have MORE time to quilt/sew.

Resting up and sending prayers out for everyone today. Hugs to all.

August 12th, 2012, 03:06 PM
Got up a bit late, then hit the garden. Man did it need weeding. Something is attacking the tomatoes so DH is going to pull those out. When the temp hit 90 I quit. My face was as red as a beet DH said. Time to knock off for the day. He is building gabian baskets. Took some old horse fencing and bent it, then filled them with rocks that were laying around. Love to repurpose stuff. It doesn't rain here very often, but when it does it turns into a river that goes right through our property. I want to post a sign out front, "The River Runs Through It". Last winter, before Bella passed, we had to nearly swim her out of the paddock it got up so high. The gabian baskets are to channel the water out to the other acre. We got an easement from the neighbor, knocked down the fence (all the leaves, etc. would stick there and all the water would back up into our property). Now with the fence down and the gabian baskets it should solve the problem. Since DH is a hydrogeologist, anything related to water makes him happy. He's in hog heaven right now and I know he will be praying for a hard rain this winter to test his baskets!

August 12th, 2012, 04:12 PM
Happy Sunday everyone! This week is my packing up my baby so he and Dad (DH will fly home) can drive 3000 miles away for school. That's right folks, empty nest and I am already feeling it. I know, I know, he needs to go-spread his wings, find his place in the world, but . . . part of me wants him to stay here and be a big kid. But so far away.

On the plus side, he will be close to his brother. AND, yes, I am planning a trip out to see them both in early December.

I am feeling a bit stressed. Not sure if its the packing, bugging him to pack, getting things ready to go, or having him move out- or maybe the thought of the 3000 road trip they will be taking. Either way, it helped me to make a quilt top last night-one I didn't have to think about but just sew, sew sew.

August 12th, 2012, 04:55 PM
I didn't sleep until after 6 this morning, got up at 11. Now my day gets busy, I get to sit with the grandkids. YAY! I sat with Laura and Sarah thursday as Emily had to have her power port roto-rudered. So today I get to spend time with her too. She is getting so tall. She's almost as tall as my 5' 10''. She is still in limbo as far as the Aplastic Anemia goes. And thursday they found anti-platelet cells in her blood. Her ANC is down to 700 again. Now we wait to see what the doctors want to do. Hurry up and wait is about all we do.
Anyway, Joe and Heather were invited out to dinner and I jumped at babysitting. Heather needs to get out and have some fun. Joe too, but Heather has the brunt of caregiving. My son is wonderful at taking over so she can rest etc. However, they need couple time together too. So, I'm off. Yes, I know I'm off, but now I'm going to go sit with the kids! {:->
Lonna, I'll say prayers for you to feel better soon. Summer colds are the worst. Prayers for all who need them. Love and Hugs, Jan L.

August 12th, 2012, 05:51 PM
Hello all my quilty friends, I have been off the grid for a bit...It is sooo HOT here and no real A/C in my house I move from room to room depending where the sun is hitting the house!!!! Don't do real well in 110 degree heat!!! It will cool down on Tues. so that is nice. I could take this very little notebook pc with me but it does put off heat and that is not going to help me with trying to stay cool!!!

Went to DGGD's 2nd B-Day party Sat and it was nice...they have A/C!!!

I get up in the am and close up the house and have all the fans going..then I do what ever cleaning, laundry, cooking etc. before 12 noon before it really heats up..nights right now don't cool off as good as normal, 65 degrees is not that cool at night, but it will get better soon. Summer time in the North County!!!! OK time to turn off this little heat source and find the cool spot for now!!!! LOL oh no more hot air!!!! LOL

Love, Hugs, and Blessing to all and see ya Monday!!!!
Jan G. looking for a breeze!!!!
A Hummmm of a fan is calling me. :) And a "BIG BOTTLE OF COLD H2O!!!!! Love ya all :)