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August 4th, 2012, 07:27 AM

Happy Saturday, Folksies!

It's the weekend, I have a very short morning at work and I am planning on being as productive as I can be with the heat outside today. Sis and I are hoping that our fellas will help us out with some digging down at Mom's. We do have some things that need to be put in the ground asap. We have not had any rain in almost two weeks now and it is going to be interesting to see how tough the ground is going to be. Each day we get a chance of it, lots of thunder and last night lovely lightning. No rain. All the fuss and feathers.

I stayed up later than usual watching the Olympics last evening. We have sure been enjoying the dickens out of them. I admire the dedication to striving to be their personal best. I have never been physically active like that. When I was young teen, I taught swimming for the red cross - that and being on the dance team one year was as much as I have ever participated in those type of activities. My kids never did sports - my oldest son did track to get lettered. We have always been observers. While watching these kids - and most of the olympians are teens - I am touched somewhere deep inside.
I so enjoy all sports - only thing I don't enjoy is the announcers. Male and female - they have the amazing ability to make me want to button their lips. I don't need their critiques. So, I generally mute them out. Best invention on a remote.

Have a great day, everyone!

August 4th, 2012, 07:39 AM
Hi Blondie,

It's about time you got up! I've been here since 3:30 waiting for you! Actually we had to buy a new computer yesterday and I've been up sewing and playing with my new toy. I have 18 (of 26) Halloween blocks made...super fun! You girls who missed this group missed a lot of fun sewing!!

DH and I have to work on the apartments today. He got called in to work at 3 am and isn't back home yet....then we will go to more work. Poor guy all he does is work.

My'"adopted daughter" Trina had a baby girl, Aranda Marie (9 pounds 11oz) Thursday night. Trina had been trying to conceive for 14 years and finally the miracle baby arrived...we're totally thrilled! Do you think this little princess will be spoiled!!! Now I get to make a baby girl quilt!!!!!
Marilyn, I hope you are feeling better, Hon.

Miss Molly is yodeling to be let out of her sleeping room so I have to run. She has a way of getting even if the service around here isn't up to her standards!

I have been praying this morning for all of us with needs....Hugs All Around, Barb

August 4th, 2012, 07:48 AM
LOL Bubby!

Actually, I have been having a bit of a time getting things posted the past few days. I sent a pm to AL, he says everything should be okay but I find it to be still lagging on my end. I don't know if it is my computer or the server. The past few days it has taken me over an hour to be able to post my morning hellos. I know my computer is OLD but I don't think that has anything to do with the probs I am having here. I can FLY everywhere else on the net.

Glad to see you enjoying the halloween swap. I just don't have enough fall/halloween fabric in my stash. I would love to do some crazy scrappy swaps in the future with the caveat being at least one black piece in each block to hold the other scrappy colors together.

August 4th, 2012, 08:04 AM
Up super early this AM because the roofers are here and pounding away, tearing off the old and putting on a new roof....so....
Hot and humid already, I feel for them being up there!!!!

August 4th, 2012, 08:07 AM
You ladies sure are up early for a Saturday.....the only reason I'm up this early was to let our dogs out. Now I going to go get ready to hit some garage sales with my mom. Hoping to find some fabric or other related goodies! Have a good day! :)

August 4th, 2012, 08:17 AM
Blondie not all the olympians are teenagers l was watching the equestrian dressage a couple of days ago and the japanese had a competitor who was 71 and australia has a few who are in their 30's and 40's....We've also got an equestrian rider "Andrew Hoy" his 53 .......

August 4th, 2012, 08:29 AM
Good Saturday morning. I spent most of the day cleaning the bathroom yesterday. I am amazed at how much stuff we put on the counter. The drawers were full of junk too. Floor was hand washed too. I feel better today with that job done.

Hubby is going to a golf tournament today and I am going to a family BBQ this afternoon. So a fun filled day for all. Although, not fun filled golfing in 36C weather not for me anyway.

Congratulations Barb on the new granddaughter. Spoil her lots.

My poor son has a MIL from hell. I truly hate this woman. First of all, she lost her 2 children when they were 3 & 4. Gotta tell you something!! She has never grown up. DIL reconnected with her a number of years ago. They actually lived with her for a bit. She had the nerve to call my son spoiled!!!!!!!!! She won't babysit for them, and yet laments that she never gets to see the baby. B***TCH. I am sorry if I am offending anyone, but this is the way I feel. If I lived closer I would babysit those kids in a heartbeat. I will have them next weekend. I just don't understand some people. The kids just wanted a date night until Jodi moves at the end of this month. They only see each other on weekends. That's my beef today, sorry!!

A flea market and garage sale just around the corner this morning. See you all later, and have a wonderful Saturday.

August 4th, 2012, 08:39 AM
Morning, all. Going to quilt bee today. I have squares all cut and ready for sewing. That's the hard part, I think. Takes so much time. I don't cut well when I'm in a group--too much going on and I make boo-boos!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day. IT'S THE WEEKEND!!

August 4th, 2012, 09:47 AM
Good morning.

Blondie, don't work to hard out in the heat. Hope your men help.

Barb, don't you work to hard either. Let your DH get some sleep. Congrats on the new grand baby.

We can't go to camp for August so last weekend I hauled all my sewing stuff home. As soon as DS gets up I'm going upstairs to set up the sewing room and get started on some overdue projects before it gets too hot up there. Going to some friends' for dinner and hear all about their recent trip to Alaska. Get us psyched for our trip on the 14th.

Everyone have a great day. Prayers to all who need them.


Jean Sewing Machine
August 4th, 2012, 10:28 AM
Hi everybody! I'm in Oregon with my Sis, BIL, and Bro. We are working on an upholstery job for her new home at the coast. Remind me never to do this again. Never in my life have I done so much frog sewing(ripping, rippit)! Taught her how to make those pleated pillows and we ended up with some cute ones! I couldn't resist "Seaside" for this purpose. It is darling! We found an excuse to go to Fabric Depot. In all my days of sewing, I've never seen such a huge fabric store, with every type of fabric, garments, bridal, dance attire, home dec, and of course, quilting. We went for Wonder Clips, and came home with much more! We sewed til 11 last night, I was making too many mistakes to continue. Her cat wanted me to play once I hit the bed, no sir, I kicked him off the bed, not in the mood as the clock struck midnight!

Barb, you got three new babies this week, baby baby, sewing machine and computer! How wonderful! Everybody, have a great day. Don't work too hard!


August 4th, 2012, 10:34 AM
Trying not to be envious...I sooooo have always wanted a place on the water. Enjoy your time together. I've done a little upholstery. Not very professional but just moneysaving. We have lots of pets and they are hard on furniture.
Need to reupholster now just haven't gotten to it.
Brenda in Bama

August 4th, 2012, 10:47 AM
Gooood morning -looks like there is alot of you up and moving on with the day.

Becki - I agree with you. For a sit and sew type of day with others, I have to have my things already cut or else I make mistakes too.

I am hoping to get the red and white quilt layered and pinned today. Then to think on how I want to quilt it. It doesn't look like I will get another jelly roll of that particular line so I won't order the layer cake on it. Perhaps I will give this one away and keep my eye out for another line of red/whites to do one for me. We'll see. I've even looked all over the net for a jelly roll. Well, it isn't meant to be.

Oh, the kitty is having a fussy fit - was already outside to check on the neighborhood and now back in for the rest of the morning to take his nap. If the bed isn't made with his blankie all laid out flat - I get 'the look'.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Sandy Navas
August 4th, 2012, 11:08 AM
What a wonderful way to start my day, coming here and seeing everyone having fun, babies, subbing as cat toys, and just overall having fun. Talk about fun . . . rude awakening with thunder and lightening. Oh, gracious! Maybe we'll get rain. HA HA HA. Who is pulling whose leg? We need a gully washer to come through here and all we get is a spit and not even the shine to go with it. Messes up my windows. Who is stealing all the water from the skies? It sure ain't coming here. That's my beef for the day. Now it will be hot and humid and I won't be able to accomplish any outdoor activities AGAIN.

Today is Al's birthday. So, what is planned? Well, you know the best laid plans of mice and men? His favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake . . . but DD has the whole family on a grain restricted intake so they offered to make cupcakes for him - using coconut flour. Now I have had them, they are a bit dry for my taste, but they are okay . . . and Al thinks that if he has their cupcakes he doesn't need a special cake from me. Me, on the other hand, I love the gooey things, the gooeier the better . . . but as long as the kids stay off grains I'll have to sneak my treats in the closet or something. I wanted to take Al out to dinner last night but he begged off and said he'd go tonight instead . . . and I KNOW that ain't 'bout to happen.

Yesterday. What a wonderful day. Emily and I headed to Overland Park, Kansas to visit the American Girl store. I wish I could have captured the initial look on her face when we walked through the front door. The absolute awe and joy that lights up a child's face is one of the most heart-warming things I have ever witnessed. (She had been to the American Girl store in Minnesota a few years ago so this was really no surprise). I was truly impressed with her for several reasons - she knew the story of each and every doll - their name, their hobbies, their pets, how much they cost. You name it, she knew. And then, given that her initial 'want' list was close to $500 and she'd whittled it down, I thought I would have problems controlling her desires as she viewed things up close and personal. However, she was very discriminating in her choices and did quite well when I told her that we would have to pass on something. She came home with one new outfit, one outfit with accessories (skateboarding), and a pet dog named Pepper. Also came with special glasses for Michelle's doll, a puppy for Michelle's doll, and a hairbrush to share. Lunch at Panera Bread and a round-about trip home and she was stuffed and happy. Oh, and we did walk through the new local Lego store.

Arriving home Papa showed her the new bed he is making for her American Girl doll and once more we got to see those eyes glow. And then, and then, Mom and Dad found a set of drums for her (although they have hidden the bulk of the pieces away), but she was given the starter set so she can start taking lessons next week. She has elected to give up the guitar and take up drumming instead (her initial want, now being realized).

Oh, why do I get on here and go on and on about things that no one cares about but me . . . I need to start a journal about the kids things.

I'm off to see the Wizard . . . everyone have a wonderful weekend filled with nothing but the things you love - be it quilting, someone special, or just life in general. May your heart be filled with joy and kindness, and your feet full of twinkles for your toes.

Divine Daisy
August 4th, 2012, 11:11 AM
Saturday already! Wow.

Hoping to work on the Bronte ~country quilt today. Have a huge 36" foxglove to applique leaf by leaf, trumpet by trumpet down the left side of the quilt.

Fighting depression isn't helping motivatiom. I think its the prospect of Mr D's iminant admission to 4 weeks isolation

August 4th, 2012, 12:14 PM
ooh dear ((((((((sandy))))) you did it again you crack me up so much.................l have made a wish that one day you and l shall meet you know " never the twain shall meet" well l'm determined we will change that even if we have to buy snorkels and float in the middle of the ocean and dodge great whites then l can give you a real hug...l love you so much ...thankyou for always making me smile and for the laughter you always make me have........ Lisa

Ps: you should have been an author your very good at telling a story

August 4th, 2012, 12:31 PM
Sandy, I always enjoy your posts....and Lisa is right...you should have been an author....we are always interested in what is going on in your life so don't stop.....there are several people on this forum that I enjoy but you and Blondie top the list...followed closely by many others.....love and hugs to all, prayers where needed...everyone have a safe weekend, watch out for the heat and humidity

August 4th, 2012, 12:41 PM
Good Saturday Morning Quilty friends! I've been up sewing for a couple hours, wanting to get finished with my Halloween blocks! I have 3 or 4 projects lined up for Christmas I want to get started on. It's a beautiful sunny morning here today, it's supposed to hit 90. That's the first time this Summer. We're taking DGD and her *boyfriend* to the county fair today, not too sure how I feel about standing in the heat watching them go on rides but it's worth it for the chance to meet a member from the forum! Might happen! My house is still quiet, everyone's still asleep including my Cavalier Mollie snoring happily beside me!

Jean: Fabric Depot is on my list for this month! I've gotta get there.

Everyone have a wonderful day. Hugs and prayers for all who need them.

August 4th, 2012, 12:46 PM
Saturday already! Wow.

Hoping to work on the Bronte ~country quilt today. Have a huge 36" foxglove to applique leaf by leaf, trumpet by trumpet down the left side of the quilt.

Fighting depression isn't helping motivatiom. I think its the prospect of Mr D's iminant admission to 4 weeks isolation

That Foxglove is going to look amazing! :)

Depression is tough and I'm sure you're right about the cause of it. I go through my own bouts of it even with the Paxil dose each day as part of my Fibro cocktail. You can always PM me, my Mom went through 4 weeks isolation as well. We tried to focus on the healing and we both kept a daily journal for that time, had to make up a joke each day and what we were grateful for that day...some of what Mom was grateful for sometimes turned into a Blue joke as her radiation treatment was "way down there".

(((Daisy))) and Aloha, Ruby

August 4th, 2012, 12:58 PM
Barb, congrats on the grandbaby! :) What fun to sew in pink! She's almost as big I was...9 pounds 14 ounces and my mom was 5' 1" and 95 pounds before she got pregnant. No wonder I remained an only child. lol

Been up since 4 am! I normally am up by 5:30, but 4 is just too early. Emergency Crew got to our complex and I couldn't get back to sleep. PMd with Barb about Hexies, watched Mary Fons Videos, read about the Olympics, Forum Threads, FB, I'm already tired and it's only 5:51 am!

Farmer's Market this morning and maybe a stroll on the beach with the camera. Then finalize my Corp Taxes, yeah wooh, email them to my CPA and cross my fingers and toes that the $$ amount due to the IRS and State isn't too bad. Shouldn't be 'cause the year's numbers sucked sadly for both Don and I. :(

On an upbeat note...Don's health is doing good and I'm alive as well! God is good!! :)

Prayers for all in need, huggers to all, Aloha to all, enjoy the weekend! Ruby

August 4th, 2012, 01:25 PM
Wow, everyone is up early today. Love to read all the posts, yours particularly Sandy. You should be an author. Children's books with matching quilts? Barb, congrats on the grandbaby. Lots of babies lately. DGS will be in good company looks like. Today neighbor coming over to finish quilting her quilt. She is still trying to decide which machine to buy, so letting her use my baby to test drive it. So far she loves it. Need to go to store for dog food, paper towels, etc. Today will be a quilting day. Need to finish a table runner, get a label on hubby's quilt, pin neighbor's foster daughter's quilt for her and quilt it, etc. Alison, I am sure knowing Mr Daisy will be returning to hospital is depressing, but take comfort we are here to get you through this thing. We got your back, girl. Praying for those that need it (Marilyn especially) and hugs for everyone else.

August 4th, 2012, 01:47 PM
Good afternoon everyone! I have been sitting here reading everyone's stories and just enjoying it all. I love coming here every morning to see what everyone is up to. My problem is, I come on every couple of hours to see if I've missed anything.
Still painting cabinets but the first section is almost done then I can start on a new section. Delivered a blanket yesterday that I made for someone, did some cleaning and played around with some fabric to see what is next on my list. I think I am going to stay with my choice of the "Doc" quilt (card trick) with the Blitzen charm pack. If I like the way it comes out, it will be a wedding gift for my nephew in September. Not going to have time for sewing today. We are going to a pig roast at a friends house today. They have one every year. Very hot today..it's about 90. Well, at least they have a pool for everyone to cool off. I myself am not too much of a pool person. Well, I have time for a little more reading and then I have to scoot. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Good thoughts and prayers to everyone!
Barb, congrats on new grand baby and enjoy!
Mrs.D, hang in there. This is only the next step to MrD getting better and we will all still be here to get you through.

August 4th, 2012, 01:54 PM
Oh Sandy, I look so forward to your daily comments. You and Blondie have such a way with words, I know you 2 can always get a smile or giggle out of me. Barb, congrats on the new baby. You are going to have a ball with all the beautiful pinks out there. Feeling much better. Thank you everyone for the prayers, they sure did work. Can't get in to see doc til next week. Having lived with all of this for the past 20 years, I know what is normal pain and inflammation and what is not. Still resting quite a bit, but am going to get some sewing done today. All I have left on great grand son's is the binding. I too have noticed all the babies being born. HMMMM!! Some folks must have had a bad winter and stuck inside a lot, lol. Love and hugs to all my quilty friends, and prayers for those in need.

August 4th, 2012, 02:24 PM
It Saturday Evening now here in the UK not done any quilting but did have a quilting guide book arrive so have been reading that while i been trying to sort out my computers & get Norton on so they are protected which i now have done
I did however yesterday have a friend come over & we got my quilt top layered so now have backing, wadding & top all together so hope to start to quilt it soon
Well you all have a good day whatever is left of it in your part of the world
Hugs Janice

August 4th, 2012, 06:48 PM
I finally got on the computer and now I have to get off and fix dinner. boo! Sandy, of course we want to know about what happens during your day! You are such an awesome grandmother and I love your stories about your grandkids.
Alison, we are all going to be there for you both! Prayers are with you and Stewart often and everyday. I think we believe since we've gone through all this medical stuff already, we shouldn't be bothered about it because we are used to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The more we go through, the more we dread it. Will you be able to see him if you are gowned, masked and gloved? They let us see Emily if we were. I hope so. Not being with him would be awful. Saying prayers for you to feel better.
I guess I better go make dinner now before Joe turns into a bear! lol Hugs, Jan L.

Sandy Navas
August 4th, 2012, 07:09 PM
I too have noticed all the babies being born. HMMMM!! Some folks must have had a bad winter and stuck inside a lot, lol.

When I was pregnant with DD I did my prenatal care at March Air Force base in Southern California. The first visit there were about 30 pregnant women in the waiting room and you could tell one was very new to the area. She sat next to me, glanced around and said "Humph, I didn't realize it got cold here in the Winter." We all broke out laughing. Nothing finer than some good winter sports.

August 4th, 2012, 10:46 PM
God Bless you all..got to go...family is here and dinner is ready...Love ya all...see ya Sunday.

Hugs, Love, and Blessings to all my quiltly friends,
Jan G.