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June 27th, 2012, 08:47 AM
Blondie is so good at finding us the perfect photos for our days, here is one of my Daylillies for you to enjoy.

I think Katie slept through the night, at least I didn't get woken up. It's the first sleep she's gotten since about Friday with her sore throat. DH said he has a sore throat and back aches so I told him to keep an eye on himself today in case anything gets worse. He has been doing lots of physical work the past few months, but with Katie having mono, I need to be concerned about him too. That's all I would need is for 2 of them to have it!!!!

I know most of you are up and about for the day. Let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods.


June 27th, 2012, 08:58 AM
Good Morning Trish. What a beautiful flower. The only flowers I usually have around here are all wildflowers or the beautiful yellow flowers that grow on my prickly pear cactus, but this year maybe because of the heat, we have not had our usual array of wild flowers and my cactus garden looks pathetic!

Not much planned today. DH is going taking the neighbor guy shopping today, so I will have the house to myself. Maybe a good time to get some sewing done. I am about done quilting the Texas Wall-Hanging I made then I will just have to put the binding on and *poof* it will be done. I forgot to buy those color catchers and I want to wash it before I send it off to our friends. So I won't be sending it until my next trip to the store. I would have DH pick some up, but they are going pawn shop shopping and I don't think he will want to run to Wal-Mart but I'll ask.

Have a great day.

Hugs and prayers.

stitching woman
June 27th, 2012, 10:13 AM
Good Morning ladies,

Trish I am so glad the Katie got some rest! That was good for both you and her. Donna isn't it a nice feeling to get a project finished? Congratulations.

Not going to do much outside today it is to be 102 here. I think it might be a good time to work in the sewing room. I have several project to do but have no motivation to get them done.

Hugs and prayers to all.

June 27th, 2012, 10:47 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

Going to be another hot one here also. Going to have to stay in for most of the day. I will run out to Hobby Lobby on my lunch hour as I need to pick up some fabric to finish off my quilt. Hope to be able to take an early lunch before it gets to hot. Had to get out yesterday afternoon and the cars outside temp said it was 106. Do not want to get out in that heat again today.

Trish so glad Katie got a good nights rest being sick at anytime is rough but when it is so hot it seems even worst. Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Well best for me to now get a little work done here at work. Have a great day all and stay cool.

Granny Judy
June 27th, 2012, 11:07 AM
OM word... did ya click and go to the blog here... I swear I'm making those flags today!! We don't have a single "freedom" decoration around this place and with time getting so short, I hunted my stash and found all the right stuff. Been outside collecting sticks and have a candy red vase to put them in. To get the primitive look with a machine,, I'm zig zaging it all together. Don't have the embroidery thread and cant see to thread a needle.


Oh, Yes,,, Hello everyone. Sounds like Katie is getting better.. Just watch that Man of yours, Trish. Hope everyone can stay cool and find some ME time. I've got a kitchen to clean up after the BBQ ribs last night. I make such a mess, It makes me wanna give up cooking.

Sandy Navas
June 27th, 2012, 11:26 AM
Judy - thanks for the heads up on the blog. Gotta do these - the grandkids will love them.

Since I was gone all day yesterday I have a whole lot of catching up to do. And then tonight is swim meet for the girls so I have to scurry-hurry and get my backside in gear.

Here's all the very best to everyone around and listening. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Expected in the 100's here, too. And I do have to GO OUT!

June 27th, 2012, 11:53 AM
Here is my pretty picture of the day!
Good morning all...Trish, sorry to hear your youngin' is sick, hope she gets to feeling better quickly! It's been so dry here that the grass has turned brown and is "crunchy" to walk on...and no, I'm not watering it! My hostas and tiger lillies look like Fall is here instead of Summer...leaves are brown and the tiger lilly flowers were pathetic! It's amazing though how the darn weeds continue to grow...grrr! Suppose to be in the upper 90's today, good day to stay inside. Probably won't get much sewing done though because I have to clean house before the Exterminator gets here...cause he is is going to spray to kill the fleas that the dogs have brought in to share with us....another grrrr! Besides that, looks like I am going back to school again to get my bachelors in nursing, hospitals are getting finicky about ASN nurses and will most likely require us to go back to school, so I am just gonna do it...even thought I don't WANT to do it! Anyway...this isn't getting my house cleaned so I best get moving! Hope everyone has a wonderful day....stay cool!

June 27th, 2012, 05:23 PM
Lovin todays pictures!!! Happy Wednesday!

June 27th, 2012, 05:26 PM
Just looked at the blog!! Love it! I will have to go thru my stash and see if I have the blue for it. Would be so cute for the kiddos to have while they're at the parades.
Have a great afternoon all!
Trish I sure do hope that your family gets on the mend quickly! Love the flowers!

June 27th, 2012, 08:55 PM
I am late on here today, but I read all your posts. Hope you all got to do what you wanted today.

June 27th, 2012, 10:43 PM
I just love daylillies, what a beautiful picture. Not much happening here...I'm just sitting here waiting to go into work at 11:00. It's really hot here , high 90's and it's going to get hotter thru the week. Hope everyone is staying cool!